Monday, March 7, 2011

What is Marie up to

What has Marie been doing since she closed the shop and is not working for the law firm? Many of you have asked. Well let me tell you I have been VERY busy.

Closing the Sub Shop had me extremely busy moving items either up to the First Bank Building (Mike's office) and/or to our home. While doing that I also was moving all of my office stuff from the law firm.

With the exception of a file cabinet at the law firm we were completely out of the Sub Shop and my office on February 28.

This is the beginning of what my house looked like on Monday Feb 21 after moving some items from the Sub Shop and office..........

Then on Monday February 28 everything is moved from the Sub Shop and Office. This is what our house looked like then...

The Kitchen/Family Room

The Dining Room/Living Room
Complete with my birthday balloons.

The Office...
complete with three towers, keyboards, printers, monitors, a scanner, and an extreme amount of office supplies. Note the empty wine glass.

After one week this is what I have accomplished....

The Kitchen/Family Room

Pantry actually organized!

The Dining Room/Living Room

The Study.......

I can actually find things in the storage closet.

What is next? I have a small box of papers that I have to go through and sort out. I have a few pictures to hang.

Then I will tackle the GARAGE....

Tuesday, June 30, 2009



June 30 1999 - August 10, 1999

Your parents have not forgotten; you are forever in our hearts.

(I do not in any way mean to offend you Jerry, in speaking "for you" but rather simply acknowledge what I am certain about.)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


You are sorely missed.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Usually I do all my shopping for the Sub Shop on Saturday. This past Saturday I was not able to get it all completed; I needed to put it off until Sunday.

Sunday, May 31, 2009:

8:00 a.m. we head out in the corvette for church. Blessings; God granted me another day of life; freedom to worship; and a beautiful day (there are more but that is a start).

11:00 a.m. we are home in our "cottage" and getting ready to drop off some yard debris and taking our boys, JoJo and Ritz along for a ride. Blessings; a roof over our heads; two dog that fill our lives with joy and laughter; and jobs.

12:30 p.m. we are back home to drop off the boys because it is too hot to take them on our trip to Costco and Winco. I decided not to change my clothes as I was wearing a full length summer dress and was feeling comfortable and cool. Blessings; we decided to leave the boys at home; that I did not change out of my cool dress (only draw back was its length, read on you will understand).

2:30 p.m. we have accomplished getting the shopping done and anticipate heading home after we drop the stuff off at the Shop. Blessings; I did not get the shopping done on Saturday; Mike and I got to spend some time together; we dropped off the yard debris first; and we went to the Shop when we did.

2:35 ish arrive at the Shop to unload, my first load is to head up front with fresh vegetables. What is that? WATER, on the floor coming from the men's restroom. "Oh no!" I shout, continuing to walk to the kitchen to put down the fresh vegetables. "OH MY!" WATER in the kitchen too, WATER in the dining area. I hear what sounds like a shower left on. Where is it coming from? Michael is only a few steps behind me, (he heard my "Oh's"), and did not notice the water until he was in the kitchen. "Where do we shut off the water? Nope that did not do it, sorry to say its not that one either, (all the while there is WATER, WATER, WATER, and more WATER) that's it you got it." Big deep breath, folks I am telling you we could have taken a shower under that hose that blew off the ice machine. Blessings (you ask?), YES there are blessings, it was clear clean water! Just water, cold water. Did I mention it was clear clean cold water. (It was super hot inside the shop and cool water felt good on the bare feet)

2:45 ish until 8:45 ish (yes six hours), for me it is off with the shoes (well that was the first think I did upon entering the kitchen), binder clip the full length dress up past the knees, call the ice machine repair service, and start (yes I had the same question). WHERE? For Michael, finish unloading the van (remember we just went shopping, milk, eggs, etc!), to his office to get the wet vac, and then emptying the cupboards and sanitizing a lot of containers, lids, and other miscellaneous items. Blessing; some friends were out for a drive and stopped to say hello which made us sit and relax for a bit; they even offered to help finish. (How do you think they knew we were almost done?)

It was a long day, we were both very hot, and tired. We did not get done with what we had planned to accomplish, God had a different plan. While it was irritating we made it a point to FIRST, COUNT OUR BLESSINGS; the negatives were masked, and covered with blessings.

Friday, May 15, 2009


the beautiful flowers that you gave me for Mother's Day. See everyone, I told you I had a great Mother's Day!

Looking forward to many more to come.